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Welcome back to the Pleasley Colliery web site

Just as with the major conservation works which had to be done at the Pit itself a few years ago, the website  also needed  major re-engineering  in order to ensure its continued operation. The majority of this  involved the back-office infrastructure where obsolete computer hardware and operating systems all had to be replaced  before the software could be upgraded to the latest version.

In addition to the website, all the information concerning the Pit -  technical, historical and photographic - that has been built up since research work began in 2005 also has to be  safely migrated from the old systems on to the new and this is a very big job indeed.

Unfortunately, the  latest version of the  development software no longer supports a number of the key functions used on the old website and alternatives  for these need to be  found.  In addition, the overall architecture of the website needs to be redesigned  so as to remove redundant sections and to take advantage of the more up-to-date features  available with the new software.  This work is proceeding slowly but steadily and it is hoped to have the website fully available by the summer.

Current information regarding the Pit will  continue to be available  on  the Pleasley Pit  Trust website  www.pleasleypittrust.org.uk

Major works completed

Opening times

Daily  10:00am - 2:00pm  (subject to volunteer availability)

During opening hours you can call the Pit on   01623 818 928 

Anyone considering bringing a party of visitors should contact the Pit well in advance at  sec.pleasleypit@hotmail.co.uk  in order to discuss  arrangements.


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